Are there any new trends emerging for alternative roasting methods (e.g. light roasts)?

It's being coined as “Nordic style” and so on. The Original Blend is a medium roast coffee with bright, vivid coffee flavors and hints of nuts, fruits and caramel. Although light roasted coffee tastes bitter, this does not mean that it is more acidic than regular coffee. Making lightly roasted coffee can be a great way to highlight the unique flavor of specialty coffee beans.

In addition, light roasted coffee is an excellent choice for anyone starting out in coffee because of its balanced flavor and brilliant acidity. This roast is still found in the territory where the origin of the beans will play a very important role in the final flavor of the coffee, since medium roasts are the ones that most enhance the natural flavors of coffee. Due to the high acidity of this freshly roasted coffee, it has the most sour and citrusy flavor, and retains much of the intricate fruity flavor of coffee that is lost as it is roasted, but it also has a more floral and herbaceous flavor than the most consumed coffees. A light roast coffee is a coffee bean that has been roasted gently enough to produce a strong, fruity drink with an intense and exciting flavor.

Light roasting allows the coffee bean to retain more flavor without having a burnt, bitter, or thick flavor like dark roasted coffee beans. Light coffee requires a finer grind and longer time to grind than darker coffee, so keep this in mind when determining which coffee to use. While it's still not as common as seeing a package of coffee that simply says light roast, it's possible to find roasted coffee from Light City or New England (Trader Joe's, we're looking for that). We are approaching coffees that are least likely to be prepared daily in the morning and are the favorite of most coffee drinkers; not only does continental coffees have less caffeine per bean than light and medium roasts, but their flavor is also too intense to be taken first thing in the morning.

French roasts, much appreciated by black coffee drinkers, are popularly used in a French press or even for drip coffee. Italians have roasted coffee beans for centuries, originating in the Republic of Venice, where coffee was so prized that the Pope blessed it (via Italian Tribune). It's essential to remember that while the taste of light and dark roasted coffee varies, each one will provide a different flavor experience to the coffee drinker.

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