What type of coffee maker is the most popular?

French press coffee machines are one of the most popular ways in the home to prepare coffee manually and, given their ability to prepare several servings at once and how easy they are to use, it's not difficult to understand why. After seeing our top picks, stay here to learn more about how we test coffee machines in the lab and what you should consider when buying one. To determine which coffee machines are best overall, we prepare at least two full cups of coffee in each drip machine and record the brewing time, brewing temperature, and how the coffee stays warm over a two-hour period. We also pay attention to consistency, as we do when testing single-serve espresso machines and coffee machines.

As part of our production tests, we also carry out a sensory test so that as many people as we can test the results and share their tasting notes. Read our full Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Select review. In addition to what some would call the basics (that is, preparing a good cup of coffee and a high-performance mug), this coffee maker is packed with features that make it one of the easiest to use. Many continue to invest in single-serve coffee machines, grinders and other high-end coffee machines, including the best espresso machines and even coffee machines with milk.

Look for a coffee maker that is easy to clean, either during daily maintenance, such as removing coffee beans from the brewing bed, or for long-term cleaning, such as descaling once a month recommended by many manufacturers (be sure to follow the instructions in the machine's user manual). Simply place a flat-bottomed filter with the heavy coffee beans in the filter holder and place an optional thermal protector, stack it on the top of the insulating thermal jug, fill the water tank and press the single button on the coffee maker. Coffee is rated on a scale of 100 and specialty coffee beans, which she suggested that you buy, must score 80 or more on a quality scale established by the SCA. This automatic drip coffee maker from Select's favorite kitchen brand, OXO, has a double-walled mug that ensures that the coffee stays hot longer and that the hot plate doesn't destroy the compounds that make coffee so delicious, Easto explained.

And while drip coffee machines are still the most common, the specialty coffee category has grown dramatically in recent years. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), the world's largest coffee trade organization, has very detailed guidelines on what makes a great cup prepared at home. They also perform extensive tests on the coffee machines that are presented for consideration and are based on rigorous, science-based criteria that they expect the coffee machines they certify to meet. It can be programmed to wait for you freshly brewed coffee when you wake up and allows you to adjust the intensity of the preparation to make a weaker or stronger coffee.

While this simplest coffee maker option doesn't include smart or programmable options, it can be great for making several cups of coffee at once and is especially useful “for people who love to be entertained and want to offer their guests a cup of coffee to end the night,” Suárez said. The OXO Brew stainless steel 9-cup coffee maker passed my tests with great success thanks to its high-quality but simple construction, its easy setup and the very tasty coffee it obtained as a result. The Nespresso Vertuo Plus coffee machine is a single-serving coffee machine that uses Nespresso Vertuo capsules to operate. Manual coffee machines are also great for preparing small quantities of coffee because you can more easily control brewing times.


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