Are there any new trends emerging for flavored coffees?

Fantastic flavors such as unicorn, for example, attract 31% of consumers, while 29% say they would be interested in nostalgic flavors such as peanut butter and jam. While it is to be expected that general issues such as good health and sustainability are here to stay, coffee trends come and go. A coffee shop that wants to keep up to date with the latest trends must have an open mind to this concept and let creativity reign. Milk alternatives for coffee are becoming more and more ingenious, and companies are producing plant-based flavored creams that are more easily mixed with coffee.

Collagen coffee is especially popular because it adds a rich texture to coffee without altering its flavor or aroma. This trend is likely to take many forms, such as the popularity of microcafes, the use of equipment with lower carbon emissions, and single-serving coffee products that produce less waste. Proffee, also known as protein coffee, emerged as a trend on TikTok to turn morning coffee into a satisfying way to start the day.

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