What are the latest trends in coffee?

Homemade coffee trends, less bitter taste, softer texture, creamier flavor. Millenium coffee drinkers are well-informed and care about people and the planet. They want to know where their coffee comes from, how it's grown and who grew it. Therefore, sustainable coffee brands have been gaining followers.

Yes, coffee in general is becoming increasingly popular. However, some segments of the market are growing more than others. Ready-to-drink coffee beverages are experiencing tremendous growth at the expense of specialty coffee (. Today, the millennial generation drinks the most coffee.

They represent 44% of the U.S. UU. Danny Pang is APAC sales and technical director at Marco Beverage Systems. He says that cold coffee has become increasingly popular over the past few years.

However, in recent years, this fall has been covered by the introduction and rapid growth of iced beverages, cold beer and other cold coffee options. If you're thinking about how to open a coffee shop and beat the heavyweight competition, be sure to consider the main trends. While it is to be expected that general issues such as good health and sustainability are here to stay, coffee trends come and go. Proffee, also known as protein coffee, emerged as a trend on TikTok to turn morning coffee into a satisfying way to start the day.

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