What is the weird coffee trend?

According to Latimes.com, Dalgona coffee is inspired by South Korean Dalgona candy and consists of whipping instant coffee, granulated sugar and water into a rich, sticky solid-looking mixture that almost looks like caramel. Mushroom coffee gained popularity thanks to the Four Sigmatic brand, which is its original mix of coffee with mushrooms. It's basically regular black coffee, but with medicinal mushroom powder mixed in, and it doesn't have a strong mushroom flavor, since the mushroom powder used is softer and more earthy. This is a trend that gained popularity for its health benefits, and surprisingly, the health benefits are not pseudo-scientific.

The mushrooms used are how health benefits are determined. For example, a mix of maitake mushrooms can help regulate blood sugar levels, and chaga mushrooms help prevent stomach discomfort. In any case, mushrooms in general are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, and Four Sigmatic says that drinking coffee with mushrooms is a good way to have energy and focus. This trend doesn't have a specific recipe, but Pinterest is chock-full of spicy coffee drinks to choose from.

The premise of this trend is to add some flavor and warmth to coffee, for example, using cayenne pepper mixed with cinnamon, habanero peppers, cardamom, black pepper, chipotle, etc. Is this a trend just to spice things up, or do people actually enjoy these drinks? There are a lot of spicy coffee concoction recipes on the Internet, so it seems that people like to drink hot and spicy coffee. The strong, distinctive flavor of coffee goes well with a little bit of flavor, so it's no surprise that people enjoy a little pepper in their coffee. Beetroot lattes are similar in nature to broccoli and mushroom coffee.

They were created not only to be a new viral coffee trend, but because people were looking for ways to make their morning coffee healthier. With the rise in popularity of organic foods, beets, and specifically beetroot powders, have become more common in recipes. Beets provide a lot of minerals and nutrients that are good for you, so adding a little beetroot powder to your latte will help you get the nutrients you may be missing. It also creates a nice pink latte for an aesthetically pleasing morning.

Turmeric is definitely the “du jour” ingredient with a long list of health benefits. And now it has broken through in the field of coffee. There is no caffeine in a turmeric latte, that's right; a caffeine-free coffee. Also known as “golden milk”, turmeric lattes are usually made from almond or coconut milk, fresh turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and honey.

The last two years have revolved around the hybrid: cronuts, duffins and now shell? No, it's not pastel or mascara, Cáscara is the Spanish word for “skin” and it refers to the outer layer of the coffee berry that is generally discarded. The shell is sun-dried and prepared like tea and has only about a quarter of the caffeine of regular coffee. Try it at Climpson and Sons, Hackney. It doesn't have to be a challenge to keep up with the movements of coffee, nor is it more than possible to recognize trends as they develop and adapt your brand accordingly.

In addition to matcha coffee and non-dairy milks, this year customers are considering health-focused coffee blends. This trend among coffee consumers increased in popularity thanks to its presence on social networks and its ease of preparation. While coffee lovers who buy your products or order a drink at your store won't request instant coffee, they may be interested in using it for Dalgona coffee. Coffee and cheese came to the states over time, in smaller coffee shops, and apparently they're actually very popular.

Soda coffee is essentially carbonated iced coffee and is one of the most recent trends of the last decade. Despite the increasing increase in visits to coffee shops and the accessibility to brewing stations at work this year, most customers want to maintain the convenience and cost savings of their investment in domestic coffee machines. Some people had fun mixing their drinks and seeing it come true, but it was an ephemeral trend that not many coffee shops adopted. Its unique texture and sweet taste exploded its popularity, making it still one of this year's favorite coffee trends.

The strangest part of this trend is the small number of people who combined hot coffee with lemonade. While other sources can provide anecdotal evidence of trends and movements, official coffee organizations can provide you with concrete figures and statistics. Many coffee shops drink their standard iced coffee but mix it with mineral water, and others use a carbonation machine. By controlling the social media elite, you can learn about new coffee and consumer trends before they hit the market.

The pandemic changed the regular coffee consumption habits of most customers, as 85% of coffee drinkers enjoyed one or two cups at home on average. .

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